HASHTAGpaleo + @catwon

Hi friends!
I’m flippin excited (and kinda nervous) to announce that I’ve been asked to be a contributor for Team HASHTAGpaleo! [IG, Facebook, Website] I mean, WHO AM I?! Hahahaha

This is a huge thing for me because I’ve been wanting to get more involved in the Paleo community for a while now. This feels like the perfect fit and way for me to get my hands a little dirty and have some fun with it.

HASHTAGpaleo has a huge Instagram following and that’s how I first got involved with the team. I was featured a few times on their account. Actually 7x, but who’s counting? That may sound like nothing to you guys but I was STOKED. I mean I was ready to sign autographs and sell strands of my hair on ebay to the highest bidder.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see the evolution of the HASHTAGpaleo + @catwon love story:

1. HP picked up one of my posts about a Paleo product I was testing out. (Paleochef’s Paleo peach BBQ sauce by Steve’s Original). http://instagram.com/p/SDztzUHrhc/


2. I made this amazing Paleo pecan pie for Thanksgiving. I made two actually, and they were BOMB. http://instagram.com/p/SDztzUHrhc/


3. Team HP announces a whole30you January idea & contest! http://instagram.com/p/UDLrLRnrmn/


4. They picked me as one of four finalists! Whaaaaaat?! http://instagram.com/p/Vh05oHHros/


5. I make some good eggs doe. http://instagram.com/p/YBh1V-nrmY/


6. Team HP picks me as one of two winners for the whole30you contest! @kristenatcop was the other winner and her posts are delicious too! They sent me a goodie box with my own Team HP shirt, PR Wraps and Athletica headband! #catlovesfreeswag #swagalldayswagallnight http://instagram.com/p/Z6MKdKnrjG/


7. Lastly, Team HP announces that they’ve added me to their team of contributors for their stable. This is when I drafted up a “Team HP fo’ Lyfe” tattoo stencil & tried to figure out where I should get tatt’ed. http://instagram.com/p/aPD2xJnrpw/


So that’s how it happened. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to be apart of this group. I’ve been telling my friends for YEARS that I wanted to create a blog and I just never did anything about it. With this as motivation (and the help of my graphically talented friend & Crossfit partner: Fastpitch Nicole) it’s finally happening!

Feelin’ pretty good right now! *does gangster limp walk*


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