I decided to do a “No-Cheats” Paleo & Crossfit challenge for June (but I started a little early in May). I find that when I publicized my challenges, I did better. Simply because I’m being held accountable for my actions aaaaaand I have a little OCD in me so I just really like checking off each day on my tracker.

I have a whiteboard hanging in my kitchen where everyone can see. I’m going to try my best not to skip my Crossfit classes as well. My work schedule makes me miss a lot of classes though so when I do miss a class I’m going to make it up by either doing a home-wod or being active in another way. So I am marking each Paleo-successful day with a “P” and every Fit-cessful day with a “CF” or whatever I did.

I’m half-way through now and I’m doing really well. Without the natural sugar and fruit restrictions that the Whole30 and the 21 Day Sugar Detox have, I don’t feel like I’m doing a challenge at all and I’m just eating how I would ideally like to eat all the time. This makes me very happy because I haven’t had any cravings, have been eating well, moderately and am in control of snacking. That’s major. Can’t get any more winning than that!



4 thoughts on “Whiteboard

    • Yep, I agree! Usually I do really well on a very strict challenge so I’m glad that I’m still doing well on a less restricting challenge. :)

  1. I usually do really well on strict challenges for the first 2 weeks, then I really want chocolate! I’m happy just living my little Paleo life where I can make pancakes and smoothies whenever I want. Doing well Cat!

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