Freeze Yo Nanners


Seriously mom, who has time to eat the millions of bananas you bring over?!?! I mean, I love the woman, but she thinks I never eat enough so she brings me 50 of errrrthang she sees at the market. I don’t even eat bananas anymore. After my sugar detox I haven’t been really “into” fruit like I used to be. I stopped snacking on fruit just because it’s there and don’t miss it too much.

So wudya do when MamaWon brings you 700 bananas? Freeze them! I peel them, place them into zip lock bags and take em out to use in smoothies or eat in desserts whenever I want. You can slice them up and use them as a topping on your paleo-granola, grain-free cereal, grass-fed yogurt, or cover them with nut butter or melted coconut oil and cacao powder for a chocolately desserty treat.

*Tip: I’ve thrown whole bananas into the freezer before with the skin still on and when I take them out of the freezer, I find that they are impossible to peel or melt in the skin after you let them thaw a bit. So peeling them first will be helpful!

[These were a bunch of small bananas that I didn’t touch so they ripened too much to eat]





3 thoughts on “Freeze Yo Nanners

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