Puppies & Weddings & Anniversaries, Oh My!

Well hello thar. I’m still getting used to this whole blogger dealio & life won’t stop happening so posts are coming along slowly and on no particular schedule. Bare with me, ya’ll. Here’s the latest haps because I know you care so much, riiight? :)

I adopted this handsome English Bully, named Hurley. You should prob follow him on Instagram, like ASAP: @hurlwon

Hurley Car

He is an absolute dork and a fool.

Hurley Belly

 Since we rescued him, he came with a skin condition called Demodex. His hand started bleeding from itching/swelling/over-licking & we had to put him in a cone of shame.

Hurley Cone of Shame

Along with training this dog & getting him used to his new digs, my sister, unfortunately, was admitted to the hospital for a slew of mystery symptoms. So I flew to LA to be with her & help out. Took half a week off work and spent a few nights in the hospital. My “No-Cheats Paleo June” had to be put on hold as I didn’t want to be “picky” with food in this situation. It’s alright as LIFE HAPPENS & you just have to adjust and keep on with the keep on.

Sister Jenn Hospital

Needless to say my Crossfit/Paleo routine was a little thrown off..

Hospital Couch

At least I was able to FaceTime my baby.

Hurley Facetime

Now back at home & my Crossfitting best fraaaaan got married! We did a wedding lunge wod, obvi, and made it onto the Crossfit East Bay website. Now ya’ll know that’s a weekly goal for me – to make it onto some website. Haha. Nailed it!

Nicole Wedding Lunge

Nicole means a lot to me, not just because she’s fracking awesome, but she got me into Crossfit & now I’m obsessed.

Nicole Wedding

Day after the wedding, it was my 1 year wedding anniversary! June 23rd, 2012 I married my best friend & boyfriend of 9+ years and now he’s my baby doggy daddy.

Chinese Wedding

Wedding Dance

The traditional present for 1st year wedding anni is “paper” so Leon adopted an African elephant at the Oakland Zoo in my name & gave me the certificate of adoption. The proceeds feed him for a year. I named him Dumby.. or DumbWon. Haaaaaa I kid. I kid.


We went to dinner & celebrated by eating a planned cheat. I ordered a smaller version of the same cake we had on our wedding day, from the same baker. YOMS.

Cat Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Now trying to get back into a routine.. got to cook a little finally!

Made brunch Saturday morning for the hubbo & I. Scrambled wet eggs, chicken apple sauseeeej, wilted spinach, sliced tomatoes and pan-fried avo with egg in the hole!

Saturday Brunch

I like my grapefruit completely peeled and chilled!


Salmon, avo & fermented cabbage for dinner. Weird combo but it works!
Salmon, Avo, Sauerkraut

Hopefully I’ll be back on my regular schedule soon! I miss my own cooked food.


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