Balsamic Beef Liver

Yes… I said LIVER! I know a lot of people aren’t into organ meats but I love that shite. I like the pungent smells and strong flavor. I’m into it. Way into it. #imgettinghorngry

I’ve ordered grass-fed beef liver from US Wellness Meats before but you can also go to  Whole Foods or your local cheaper healthy-ish market and ask the butcher to give you a few thin slices of beef liver. Image

  • garlic powder
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • onion powder
  • balsamic vinegar

Brown that baby on both sides & then quickly sauté some greens (I used Trader Joe’s pre-washed mixed veggie medley) in the balsamic livery-juices = recyclooking! Your veggies will taste bomb this way!

Here’s another liver dish – paired with scrambled weggs, wilted spinach & 2 slices of sugar-free bacon (also from US Wellness Meats).



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