Crossfit Throwdown!


I’m not a competitive person. I’m not exactly athletic either. (You can’t tell by looking at me, I know, I know.) So competing in any type of athletic competition is REALLY out there for me. Crossfit has given me some confidence to put myself out there,  not care about “winning” and to just think about doing things for myself. So when my friend, Sheila, told me she signed me up for her gym’s Crossfit throwdown against another gym, I just about had a panic attack. And when I say panic attack, I mean I wanted to crap my pants. Haha I was pretty nervous because I’m slow, not competitive and I didn’t know anyone else since I wasn’t apart of either gym. But someone said to me, “don’t be scared, you’re just working out!” That’s true! So I sucked it up, didn’t back out and I’m glad I didn’t!

We had a team of 4 girls on the scaled division and completed 3 wods outside in the heat. The sun made it harder but made us feel beastier after completing them. We finished last, hahahaha! We couldn’t be any happier though because we’re just glad we did it, stuck with it and finished.


I learned a lot (competing in a team, transitioning and communicating with your partners) and had so freakin much fun, met cool new people and ate a (partial) paleo potluck afterwards.

I admire the girls on my team so much. I’m glad they invited me to participate in an event like this. Sheila has Lupus but doesn’t let that stop her from tearing it up at Crossfit and putting herself out there like this. She inspires me and reminds me that I have absolutely NO excuses!

Sheila & Cat Bar Hang

Here are some photos from the throw down:

PR WrapsI was finally able to use my new wrist wraps, courtesy of HASHTAGpaleo & PR Wraps! Love. Thank you!

WOD #1


Wheelbarrel walk

Wod 1

Prowler Pull

Prowler Push

Prowler Push



WOD #2

Partner Wallball

Pull Ups


WOD #3


Jump Rope





Mariner Square CF


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