Balsamic Weggs

I like it wet. I mean them. I mean my eggs.


I cook eggs so often, almost every day for breakfast, that I was trying to figure out a new way to make them. I stared at my spice drawer and just didn’t feel like using any of my spices. So I opened up my cabinet and saw my balsamic vinegar bottle. *ding ding ding* we have a winner!

I cooked my weggs just the way I like them, and drizzled some balsamic on them before scrambling. Whoooo the aroma that shoots up from the balsamic hitting the hot pan is amazables.

The balsamic gives the eggs a more savory taste. Try it!


For weggs, I like to cook my eggs sunny-side up until they’re about 75% cooked. This way I get chunks of egg yolk & egg white cooked separately. My fav!

Sprinkled some garlic pow & drizzled some balsamic.

ImageScramble slightly with tongs.


Mix only a few times because the eggs will cook pretty fast.

Then take them off the stove before they cook too much. That’s it!



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