Whole Leaf Kale Chips


I know, I usually tear the leaves off of my kale to make kale chips too. This is what happens when you are lazier than my English Bulldog, Hurley. Fawesome things can happen.

I usually use dinosaur kale aka curly kale. (There are several different kinds) I wasn’t actually attempting to make traditional kale chips to snack on. I just wanted baked kale to eat with dinner. Since these are large whole-leaf strips, it’s not as neat to eat as wittle bite-sized kale chips so remember that I warned you before you get mad at me later.

  • rinse kale
  • dry kale
  • place on baking sheet
  • drizzle EVOO
  • sprinkle: garlic pow, onion powder, smoked paprika, & salt + pepper to taste
  • bake at 375 degrees for 15-18 minutes (varies by oven – I watch mine closely in the last 3 minutes or so, so that they don’t burn)



#nofilter – it looks like I made cheesey kale but it’s just the garlic pow & paprika baked into the leaves that give it that look.


Mostly crunchy and a tad bit softer/soggy near the thick stems. Let it sit longer before eating if you like them crunchier.


The stem is a little limp. It happens to a lot of kale…… ;)

ImageServed with chighs for din! Eat your crumbly mess over a large plate!


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