Kale All Day, Errrday

I only discovered kale a few years ago. After seeing a billion and one kale chip recipes pinned on Pinterest, I decided to finally make my own. My first few, or five, batches came out burnt, too salty or really burnt. That’s actually all I used to buy kale for. Kale chips, duh!

Now, I have kale almost everyday. Mainly in massaged kale salads for lunch, but other common uses for them in my house are in green smoothies, sautéed with eggs for breakfast, messily baked for semi-crunchy kale un-chips for dinner. Usually when you bake kale chips, you have to spread them out on your baking sheet. When I cook them for dinner, I throw a pile into the oven and some get crunchy, some don’t. It keeps me on the edge of my seat.. #mostexcitingpartofmyday

Anyway, where was I?! Ya, so making kale so often and having to peel the leaves off & wash them each time for my single serving of whateveritisimeating gets time consuming. So I just do it all at once to get cleaned and perfect-sized pieces of kale to cook/eat.

Btw, kale that I get at my local healthy market costs $1.49 a bunch.

  • wash 1 bunch kale
  • dry kale
  • place in zip lock
  • place paper towel in ziplock to collect any moisture

*I saw someone on IG do this a while ago; I can’t remember who. I do it all the time now!


I usually buy curly kale (dinosaur kale)



Making massaged kale salad for my lunch the next day. Just threw on whatevs I had in the fridge.Image

Now bag up the rest of your dried kale leaves, add a paper towel in there. You can also have kale all day errrday. Lucky you!



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