Savoy Cabbage & Chitties


I made chitties with steak seasoning. I’m a rebel, I know.

It was my first time cooking savoy cabbage. I wasn’t sure how to cook it so I just chopped it up like I do regular cabbage, threw in some button mushrooms and made a quick veg dish.

Cabbage & Mushrooms:

I sauteed the mushrooms in ghee first. Then I threw the cabbage in and only seasoned it with garlic powder and a few dashes of Red Boat fish sauce. Much flavor for so little seasoning!


Tons of leftover cabbage means it goes into my breakfast for the next day! I do this all the time. I purposely cook extra for dinner so that I can throw any leftovers into a breakfast scramble.

It’s so easy! Toss in your veggies with some eggs and BAM! A different scramble every day. I tossed in some spinach too to make my scramble even veggier.





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