Aloha Schwastey

Ya’ll don’t know this about me yet but I love Hawaii. I go at least once a year (usually to the Big Island). It’s just the perfect weather. The food is soo good. The people are way too nice. The Crossfit is intense. My beach selfies look soooo tan. Buahahaha!

I was lucky enough to go to Oahu with my husband and some of our best friends for about 8 nights. I just got back and thought I’d do a quick recap.

I’d like to consider my group of friends and I pretty healthy and active. That’s what I love about us. We knew we were going to stuff our face-holes with as much Faileo as possible on vacay so we planned to counter that with hikes, water sports and hitting the gym when we could. Half of us woke up extra early half of the mornings to go to the gym in our hotel before our day started.

I’m currently participating in a “Fasted Cardio Challenge” with my girlfriends at work. The challenge is to do at least 3 days of fasted cardio per week for a month. I didn’t let being on vacation stop me from doing well on this challenge. I love challenges! Doing something healthy with a group of people is so motivational to me. Making it public helps me stick to it. So I ran at least 3x each week and posted my activity to our little secret Facebook group for the challenge. It helped keep me in check when I was out of town.

We did a few good hikes! The Manana Trail and the Kuli’ou’ou Trail.



Cliff jumping at Waimea Beach.Image



Whoooops! Busted.. #welovetakingselfiesImage

I didn’t eat Paleo on this trip. Sorry! #notsorry I did, however, customize a lot of my food orders to include less grains/gluten/carbs that I did not care for so that I could make more room for the sugary treats that I DID care for. That’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned along my Paleo/clean eating journey. You can’t possibly be perfect 100% of the time. Now that I’m educated on foods and what it does to my body, I can make an educated decision about which “cheat” foods I’d like to eat because I now know what it does to my body and how I will feel after eating those cheats. I know I will bloat like a whale if I have noodles or donuts. I don’t like noodles enough to bloat for them. However, I will eat a dozen donuts and gladly lay on the floor with a food baby and feel like I need to give birth for 48 hours because I love donuts that much. I really really do. I do. I’m serious. I do. Send me a donut. I’ll eat it. Prove me wrong.

Where was I? Oh yah, so I ate everything I wanted and nothing I didn’t :)


An example of a food order I customized were these delish Kailua Pork Eggs Bennies at Sweet E’s Cafe. I asked for no muffins and replaced the hashbrowns with sliced tomatoes. I wanted to save room for dessert afterwards. :)


So I also got a ton of beach time in and my tan is AH.Mazing. We probably beached it every single day. We also had some fun on the sand with handstands and a little beach wod with push-ups.



(Well that handstand didn’t end well…)


I was able to hit up a local Crossfit box when I was there. I dropped in at a class at Crossfit Oahu. Their gym was awesome and I had a GREAT workout on my last day in Hawaii. The wod was “Karen” (150 wall balls; 14# ball to 10′ target for time). My only regret was that I couldn’t go to more Crossfit classes on vacay. I definitely wanted to make the effort but with a group of friends, 1 car, and a lot of morning activities planned, it wasn’t really fair for me to take the car and make everyone wait for me. Next time I will figure out a way to go more often, for sure!

ImageGoing to the Crossfit class was probably the highlight of my trip. I know that sounds funny but I’m serious! I missed sweating it out every day and having the Hawaiian trainer stand next to me while I worked out, count my reps and yell to encourage me… WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT?! Hahaha My favorite quote from that day was, “No chalk on the grass motherfuckers!”



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