Whole30 August


4th time’s the charm! I know, I’m 5 days late into August, but better late and done correctly than on time and unprepared & ready to fail. I’m starting my 4th whole30 tomorrow. Lezzzzbehonest now, we do whole30’s because we went a little cray on the treats or junk food and need a reset. *Raises hand* Yah, that’s me right now.

You can get the full deets on the whole30 program here: HERE! Basically, I’m doing 30 days of strict Paleo eating with no added sugar (no natural sugars either: honey, maple syrup, agave) and no paleofying foods (Paleo pancakes, Paleo grain-less cookies, Paleo coconut bread). Just eating real food and getting back to basics. Reseting my system. Putting my sweet tooth and sugar cravings in check.

I had a rough couple of months. Lots of ups and downs and I let myself fall into a cycle of emotional eating (& non-eating). I also had more out-of-town trips and events in the last 2 months than I’ve had in the first half of the year. Then I pulled my lower back and have been out of commission at Crossfit for a few weeks and that missing activeness put me into a deeper funk. Losing routine and stability threw my eating habits all outta whack. I know I’m not alone here. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes life sucks. Right now life sucks and it’s time to make it suck less. Yes, I have a million excuses. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing MY OWN excuses!

Here’s something personal: I (mysteriously) lost my appetite a few weeks ago. I stopped feeding myself for about a week. I would only take a few bites of something at night because I would get lightheaded by the end of the day. Then when I finally got a tiny bit of appetite back, I overfed myself with only sugar. I hate to admit it, but I secretly started to love how skinny I was looking and feeling when I wasn’t eating for a week. I needed to slap myself out of that mindset because that’s the type of unhealthy thinking that I cycled through over and over and worked so damn hard to get out of. I can’t let myself fall back into that type of negative and unhealthy thinking. That’s why I’m making this so public. I get messages from girls with eating disorders asking for advice or thanking me for inspiring them to be healthy (not skinny). So I’m not just doing this for me anymore.

I’m hoping this whole30 August will help me get back on a positive track by feeding my body and brain with real food. It will help me to gain motivation to keep going. I’ll have to take it easy with the workouts as my back is still not 100% but I won’t use that as an excuse to not do sh*t and eat sh*t any longer.

Tons of peeps on Instagram are doing the whole30 August challenge as well so I’m actually supes excited to see everyone’s dishes and progress! I’ll be posting more often with my daily yumts. Come cheer me on! Please. :)


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