Gut-Healing Bone Marrow Broth

Hi loves. I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to blog about recently but I didn’t have my laptop for week so I fell behind. I finally have a night at home. Spent an hour or 3 making out with my @Hurlwon (pretty much my routine every night) and already cleaned the kitchen so I’m allllll yours!

Whole30, Round 3 – Update

So.. I finished my Whole21. Haha Yes, I ended it early. No I’m not a failure. No, I do not hate myself. Yes, I ate 1 or 3 donuts the next 48 hours. Yes, I felt bloated afterwards. No, I didn’t feel guilty. Yes, it tasted hella good. I just thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life LONG term. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Whole30 program and I’m a huge believer in its power and results (that’s why I did it 3x!) but I just found myself in a routine of restricting myself so much that I would want to binge when I finished strict challenges. So, I made the educated decision to stop while in control. Hey! 3 weeks of strict Paleo is still awesome! #iamokwithit #imstillawesome #ilookfine #imhappy #stilleatingpaleo #justneededadonut

Ya’ll know I LOVE challenges, healthy challenges, workout challenges, paleo challenges, EVERYTHING! So I’m not saying I’ll never do anything again. I just had a huge urge to try not restricting myself 100% and to use moderation for once. Haha I’ve NEVER been good at that. It was all or nothing for me, always. That’s worked for me, fine. BUT I don’t want to be always saying no when I want to say yes once in a while. So yeah, I had a chocolate party in my mouth last week. All chocolates were invited and it was a full house mmkay. Then the party ended after a few days of sugar rushes and pregbelly (per ushe). This week I decided to just be ME. Just eat how I know to eat. Just eat what I love to eat – PALEO. I did just damn fine. I didn’t have a single cheat but that’s not because I wasn’t allowing myself to. I just didn’t feel the need to anymore. I worked out everyday – did SOMETHING, just light cardio if I didn’t have time for a full Crossfit class. Just the whole mentality change feels so good. I’m going to have a sweet treat when I feel like it’s worth it. That’s it. It’s that simple. :)

I’ve been CRAVING some hot brothy soup recently. So I picked up some marrow bones and started a bone broth last night! This is one Paleo “dish” that I cannot live without. Honestly, I was not feeling the taste the first time I made it. Now I actually crave it. CRAVE. It’s so refreshing, clean and tasty.







  • 3-6 marrow bones (or ANY bones)
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 bulb garlic
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • water


  • bone marrow into crockpot
  • chop onion into quarters, add
  • peel whole bulb of garlic, add whole cloves
  • add apple cider vinegar & salt (i don’t actually measure the salt, I just coat everything generously)
  • fill crockpot with water (also don’t measure, hehe, just leave an inch at the top)
  • set crockpot to low for 8-10 hours (can cook for up to 24 hours)**

**I always start my bone broth at night, so I just leave it overnight, that’s 8-10 hours usually. It’s good to drink the next morning. I usually pre-chop veggies at night too, and in the morning I throw them into the crockpot. There will be plenty of room for them bc the broth boils down a bit. My usuals are carrots, daikon (white carrot), parsnip, celery or any other root veggies. After adding veggies, continue cooking the broth on low for another 10-12 hours (I leave it until I get home from work). THEN, if I feel like it, I add dark leafy greens, like kale or rainbow chard. Since these cook up supes fast, no need to cook for long. They will wilt and then you’ve got yourself a huge batch of veggie soup!



If you keep it as is, like I did for this batch, then you can use your broth in many ways. I like to drink it the way it is for breakfast, out of a mug, like a pimp. I guess you could use a bowl. #whatevs. You can use it as a soup base for your noodle/zoodle soups, use as base for sauces in your entrée dishes. I make stews, chili, or any protein dishes with a little broth. Anything you’d add water to, use broth instead for a little more flavor. You can also freeze your leftovers. #brothfordays

If you want your broth to gel, use less water, add something with collagen (like chicken feet) or you can even add gelatin. I have Great Lakes gelatin. Never tried it in broth yet though.

Dude, seriously though, this batch is so good even my paleo dog is begging for some. I wouldn’t let him have any so he decided to eat the wall instead. *making an annoyed face*




You see that white stuff in his teeth? Yeah. That’s wall. Oh, @hurlwon.


3 thoughts on “Gut-Healing Bone Marrow Broth

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  2. How does this affect your cholesterol levels as it is made from organ meat which is high in cholesterol. Believe me people, you do not want to be put on those statin cholesterol drugs. A good source of protein is great but NO cholesterol!!!! Those Statin cholesterol drugs will eat a hole in your heart quick, fast and in a hurry.

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