DIY Gym Tanks

Ok, so who ISN’T a ginormous Backstreet Boys die-hard fan!?!? Ok, don’t answer that. I’ve been a proud BSB fan since before I had bewbs. Not much going on now either.. but that’s another blog post.. I went with my BFF (since KINDERGARTEN!) to the Backstreet Boys concert in Concord a few weeks back. It. Was. The. Shit.

Paleo Catwon BSB Concert

I sent her pics of different outfits and asked which one I should wear. I turned all my old BSB concert tshirts into gym tanks. I ended up going with the blue. ;)

IMG_0857 Paleo Catwon DIY Gym Tank Paleo Catwon BSB Concert

We got ourselves overpriced concert shirts. We thought they were ugly-cute tanks that we’d totes wear. When we got home, the shirts were so boxy and squared that it was NOT flattering. I’ve bought a TON of concert tshirts over the years and end up only sleeping in them because I’m too embarrassed to wear a tshirt with a 12×12 picture of Usher naked or Britney Spears in a Circus.. *looks around* They’re cool souvenirs but I never wore them out. So I started turning my tshirts into tanks I could wear at the gym. Now I wear them all the damn time!

I’ve made a bunch before by looking at Youtube videos or Pinterest. This time I got a little lazy (surprise…) and winged it. I didn’t draw my cut lines or measure anything. I eyed it. It worked!


I just started cutting 1.5 to 2 inches from the collar straight to 1.5 to 2 inches under the armpit. You don’t have to worry about making straight or perfectly curved lines because the edges will curl up after you wash them. I like the racerback look, so I cut a little more in the back. I usually do a lower neckline, but I didn’t want to cut off the words, “Backstreet Boys” completely so I left this one the way it was.

Paleo Catwon DIY Gym Tank


Paleo Catwon  DIY Gym TankIMG_1126

Paleo Catwon DIY Gym Tank

I love Pinterest and DIY projects, but I don’t do them often because I don’t have the patience. This I’ll do though because it a girl could never have enough gym clothes! It only took 10 or 15 minutes. Once you do one, the others will be faster. Always start with a shirt you don’t care about in case you mess up.


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