Bacony-Chitty Zoodles & Huevos Catwonos

I miss you too. :)

So I did something kind of amazing by accident. I made a zoodle dish. It was GOOD. Had leftover tomato sauce from said zoodle dish. Used it on my eggs the next morning to make Huevos Catwonos. They were HELLA GOOD (yeah I’m from NorCal – hella hella hella).

First, here are my zoodles.




I made a CHUNKY tomato sauce with sugar-free bacon (from US Wellness Meats), pre-cooked chitties (from Costco) and baby portobello mushies all cooked in OMGhee brand ghee with canned tomato sauce. I didn’t add any seasoning – I let all the flavor come from the bacon & chicken.

Here’s what I did with the leftover tomato sauce:


Sauce into the pan. Make 3 holes for your eggs. Cover & cook on medium low. The eggs will cook and steam over on top & the sauce gets motherflippin CRISPY on the bottom! Oh yeah bay-bay.

In another pan, I sauteed up some of my pre-cooked chitties with portobello mushies & spinach. Pour your eggs over the spinach scramble and BAM! So. Good. So. So. Good. So simple and so flavorful without adding any seasoning.




I over-cooked the eggs because I was busy cooking my spinach. Next time, they’re going to be way yolkier.

P.S. I ombred my hair :)



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