Pesto Chighs, Savoy Cabbage & Crossfit Schwasteland


I am officially a proud member of 3 gyms. No, I’m not crazy, yo mama crazy! Ok, I’m a little crazy. I’ve been crossfitting at Crossfit East Bay for about a year now. Fitness and working out has never been this fun and challenging. It’s always been a chore or something I wanted to just get done to get done or do so I could eat. Now it’s something I look forward to, get excited about and really enjoy even when it kicks my ass so hard that I can’t sit on the toilet without wanting to kill myself. It’s no longer about how many calories I’m burning. It’s about pushing myself and challenging myself, getting stronger, faster and healthier. Crossfit & Paleo eating have taught me that!

So, thank you CFEB! Recently, CFEB has moved locations to Jack London Square from Uptown Oakland. The new gym is open but still undergoing some final touches. It is designed and built to be one of the finest CF gyms around. Very excited about the new facility! One of the trainers opened up Crossfit V16 in CFEB’s old location. It’s literally 2 blocks away from my work and the owner/trainer, Rafael, is one of the most talented coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. So, recently I’ve been hitting up V16 at lunch or after work and CFEB on weekends and will try to make some weeknight classes as well. The 3rd gym membership I have is at 24 Hour Fitness. I bought one of those 3 year deals at Costco for $12 a month. It’s prepaid so I kept it and I still use it once in a while to workout with my hubbo or when CF doesn’t have classes. It’s really convenient and I love working out with my other friends who don’t CF. I’m just glad that I have friends who like to stay fit and work out together. It helps me stay motivated.

Now here’s a dish I made pretty quickly the other night. I bought a paleo-friendly pesto (dairy-free) at Berkeley Bowl. I threw 3 chighs on the pan & sprinkled with garlic pow, cooked in ghee. Top chicken with generous dollops of pesto & coat them chighs up! Flip & cook on both sides so the pesto gets all up in your chicken. Pesto the shit outta them.

Cut up half a head of savoy cabbage. Cooked in ghee & added garlic pow. That’s it!




Now I have a ton of pesto left & my fav thing to do with it is add to my eggs for breakfast. I cook my eggs sunny-side up until about 80% done, top with pesto, then when it’s 95% done, scramble the eggs up with the pesto & you have a chunky egg pesto scramble. Mmm. I think I’ll do that tomorrow!


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