Bacon Shredded Brussies


I always cook something green for my annual work Thanksgiving potluck. I made garlic asparagus for a few years then garlic brussels sprouts last year. (I like garlic..) I wanted to make (garlic) brussies again this year but do em differently, so I shredded them = totally different dish.

I prepped everything the night before so that I could wake up early before work and just cook everything quickly.



  • a million brussies
  • 4-5 slices of (sugar-free) bacon
  • hella garlic
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • garlic pow
  • black pepper
  • sea salt
  • 1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar


  • dice up yo bacon
  • chop up yo garlic
  • trim up yo brussies
  • shred your brussies by slicing them more, or throw them in a food processor
  • cook bacon on medium high until brown & crispy, remove from stove & place on paper towel to soak up fat
  • cook chopped garlic in bacon grease
  • add shredded brussies
  • garlic pow the crap out of your brussies
  • sprinkle black pepper
  • sea salt to taste
  • squeeze your half lemon
  • add balsamic vinegar
  • stir, but don’t stir too frequently so you get a nice crisp to your brussies
  • i added a little ghee bc my bacon grease ran out
  • after the brussies change to a different shade of green, add the bacon back in and mix





I got good reviews at work! Someone said the dish tasted a bit smokey (in a good way) and that’s from the sugar-free bacon I bought from US Wellness Meats. It def adds a smokey flavor.


Crossfit news: I ripped my hand doing kipping pull-ups the other night. I learned how to kip a little better though at least.


In other news, me and Hurlwon found a new nap spot. If you’ve seen the new trending hashtag #theoandbeau –  it’s a cute toddler & puppy napping together. Facebook newsfeed is all about them right now. I think they TOTALLY stole me and HURLS’ thunder & our nappy thing. We (#catwonandhurlwon) take naps everyday. I guess two gigantic uncute massive bodies sleeping together aren’t as cute as a puppy and a toddler..

I dunno.. what do YOU think?!



ImageI love waking up to this though. ugh. my heart. melted into a pile of dog-love mush.



One thought on “Bacon Shredded Brussies

  1. This sounds SO good!!! Might have to do this at our next feast. Seeing pics of the turkey feast at work makes me so sad. Miss you all! Oh, and was that a giant tray of hummus from Skewers I saw!?!? Oh my god…so yummy. I probably would have face planted into it with a free hand in DT’s macs & cheese and the other in your yummy brussies. Love x100, ~S.

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