TaylorMadeItPaleo’s Coconut Flour Chocolate Mug Cake

Paleo Catwon - Coconut Flour Chocolate Mug Cake

I’m not sure how it’s possible to fail at baking so hard. I mean, this one isn’t even baking. This is a mug cake in the microwave. Anyway, I’m talented that way, I guess.

I’ve been craving something cake-y after dinner. Since I’m waaaaaay too lazy to bake cookies, brownies or any other type of Paleo dessert out there, I decided to try a simple 2 minute mug cake. I saved Taylor’s recipe for one of her mug cakes a long time ago and I’m happy I finally got to try it out.

The full recipe is here: Coconut Flour Chocolate Mug Cake

I liked this recipe because it was so simple. The main ingredients were all common things I usually have around the kitchen.

  • coconut flour
  • baking soda
  • cocoa powder
  • egg
  • almond milk
  • coconut oil

Taylor’s recipe calls for 2 minutes in the microwave but I put mine in for an extra 30 seconds 3 times (I took it out to check, then put it back in a few times). I don’t think it would hurt if you did a full 3 minutes & then checked yours.

I sent Taylor a picture of my first failed attempt and she LOL’d at me. :) I mean it tasted GREAT but just looked like a gift that Hurley would leave in the house when he’s mad at me. Nothing like how Taylor’s looked, btw. Hers always looked pretty.

I slathered my mug cake with some creamy almond butter & sliced bananas. Taylor always tops her mug cakes with a drizzle of almond milk, so I did the same and I love it! I had a moist little mug cake for dessert. It was huge and SUPER filling. You may want to split it with someone. NOT. ;)

Image Image Image Image Image


No, Hurley, you CANNOT have any.Image


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