Paleo-Signs & Jojo’s Chocolate Bark

Oh haaaaay now! This weird phenomenon keeps happening to me. Whenever I have the crappiest day, EVAR, something paleo-awesome happens. It’s PERFECT timing. It’s the Paleo-Gods giving me paleo-signs, telling me that this is something really important for me and that I need to keep up in my life. No, really I’m serious!

Quick example #1: I was pretty defeated one afternoon at work. I had to deal with a lot of personal issues at home, things at work kept going wrong and I felt pretty useless in every aspect of my life. I felt like a failure. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t really matter to anyone and made no difference, in life. Then an email literally popped up as I was getting out of my chair and crying (because that’s how bad things were going). It was from one of my amazing Instagram followers. He wrote me a long email just to tell me, out of nowhere, what a difference I made in his life. How I helped him start his journey to getting fit and eating healthier – not just him but for him and a group of his coworkers too! I was shocked and just ridiculously happy. It made my day life. #paleosigns

Example #2: I fell off the Crossfit & Paleo wagon for a week or 2 while I was trying to not drown in everything I had going on. I just couldn’t keep up and I felt defeated, again. Then I get an email from Heather at Multiply Delicious asking me if I would review her upcoming paleo cookbook, Powerful Paleo Superfoods. Um, HELLS YAH I want to review the crap out of it! I couldn’t even believe she knew who I was. #paleostarstruck You’ll have to check back for that one :)))

Then the 3rd and most important example (because this involves chocolate): Another crappy day at work where I wanted to just give up and curl up into a fetal position under my desk. I get an email from the sweet & gorg Sarah over at Primal Bites (one of my fav paleo blogs btw. Follow her ASAP for simple delish recipes!!) that I was the winner of her Jojo’s Chocolate Bark giveaway!! What? Me? Winner of something? How? Because I felt like such a loser. Will I choke on the chocolate if I eat it in a fetal position…..? Ok, time to crawl out from under the desk. :) I was friggin stoked. Haha

I know this all seems silly, but 3 paleo-signs are enough for me. I get overwhelmed easily. Yah, I have some stressful things going on but those same stressful things brought out a lot of positives in my life that I just had a hard time realizing or noticing. Now, let’s look at this chocolate bark.

Jojo's Chocolate Bark Jojo's Chocolate Bark

The ingredients are so simple! Dark chocolate, whey protein, pistachios, crans and almonds! It’s sweet but not too sweet. Perfect combo of flavors and I love the chewiness of the crans. Check Jojo’s out or on Facebook!

Oh, P.S. sometimes I’m like Joey, from Friends, and I don’t share. ;)

Image ImageImage


3 thoughts on “Paleo-Signs & Jojo’s Chocolate Bark

  1. 1. Chocolate looks UHHHH-MAZING!! 2. Following Primal Bits– CHECK! 3. WHAAAAT is going on at home in example 1!?  You hinted that there was a lot going on via text a while back and NOW I’m really worried after hearing you mention it again!!  I wish it were easier to bring Avery in to the office (Grandma) so we could have a catch up session. ~S.


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