Almond Flour Calamari

Oh boy, do I have a good one for ya today! It’s simple and flavorful. I can’t take credit for it though bc my brotato did it again! We didn’t have any protein thawed for dinner the night before. I did a quick search in the freezer and saw squid that I bought at a Korean market a long time ago. I threw it in the fridge to thaw and my bro took the hint and accepted the challenge. He doesn’t eat a Paleo diet but when he cooks for us he always makes it Paleo-friendly and sugar-free, just for me! #thanksdude

Almond Flour Calamari - Paleo Catwon


  • 2 squid
  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 2 tsp garlic salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • “some” cayenne pepper (spicy, whatever you can handle)
  • sprinkle of parsley – for topping


  • Combine almond flour, garlic salt, pepper, paprika & cayenne pepper into a bowl & mix
  • rinse squid
  • dry squid
  • slice squid into rings
  • coat dried squid rings in the dry mix (no eggs were used for the batter but I imagine you can and it’ll be great if not better)
  • pan-fry in oil/ghee for approx 7-8 min on each side, or until brown (my bro said he actually did about 10 min on one side and maybe 6 on the other – just watch them)
  • after browned evenly, sprinkle dried parsley on top

I’ve had some great calamari in restaurants and I’ve had some super mediocre calamari dishes too. This was one of my favs from my brother so far! It didn’t need any dipping sauce to go with it bc it was flavorful enough. If you’re a dipper, go for it tho!

Almond Flour Calamari - Paleo Catwon Almond Flour Calamari - Paleo Catwon

This guy…. seriously?

Almond Flour Calamari - Paleo Catwon

I joined the “Get Lean” subgroup at my Crossfit gym. My coach gave us homework to meal prep or plan for the week so I went shopping and did this:


All from Trader Joe’s – I bought eggs to soft-boil, salad mixes & kale for massaged kale salads, “just chicken” for salad protein and snacking, avos for avo-salmon/tuna mashes, sweet pots to bake for post-wodding and spaghetti squash and tomato sauce for grain-free pasta.

You’ll see on my Instagram that I make this all the time. It doesn’t look pretty but it’s so good and simple. It’ll keep you satiated because it’s full of protein and fat. I mix a half can of either wild salmon or tuna with half an avo as the base, then mash it up together. Then I add in mustard (brown or horseradish) and whatever else you feel like. Some variations are with hard boiled eggs, pickles, celery, kraut, red bells, diced green apples, tomatoes, greek olives, peppercinis or jalepenos. I used to bring a tupperware full of this stuff everywhere I went!

Avo-Salmon Mash - Paleo Catwon

This past weekend was full of studying and Paleo goods. Legal Aspects of Real Estate and green tea! Also I had an oldie but a goodie: Pasghetti & meatballs. Image

Pasghetti & Meatballs - Paleo Catwon


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