Green Papaya Salad


Paleo Catwon Green Papaya Salad

One of my favorite appetizers to order at Thai restaurants is papaya salad. However, I can’t have any when I’m on any type of sugar-free challenge because there’s a ton of sugar in the sauce. So here’s a paleo sugar-free version!

*Note: there are different versions of papaya salad (Vietnamese, Thai, Laos, probably more..) This is more like the Thai version.


  • 2 cups shredded green papaya (NOT ripe – this sht is hard)
  • 4 cloves garlic, cut into 4-5 pieces per clove
  • 1 Thai green chili, sliced into approx 8 pieces (comes out mild+ish)
  • 1 medium tomato, chopped
  • juice of 3/4 of a lemon
  • 2 tbs sugar-free fish sauce (I use Red Boat fish sauce – you can find on Amazon or some Asian supermarkets)
  • 6-7 cashews, crushed
  • 6 long green beans, chopped into 1 inch pieces



  • shred about 2 cups worth of papaya
  • place shredded papaya into bowl of cool water (supposed to help keep the papaya crisp)
  • take a couple pieces of garlic & a couple pieces of chili (however much will fit) & place them into your garlic crusher
  • in a new small bowl, squeeze/crush the garlic & chili until most of it is squished
  • scrape out the remaining pulpy stuffs and add that to your bowl too
  • repeat for all of your garlic/chili
  • drain your papaya
  • in a new large bowl, combine papaya, crushed garlic & chili
  • toss thoroughly with hands, squeezing the garlic & chili into the papaya
  • add long green beans, fish sauce & lemon juice
  • toss thoroughly again
  • add chopped tomatoes
  • lightly mix
  • transfer to a more presentable & instagrammable bowl/plate
  • sprinkle crushed cashews on top
  • INSTAGRAM! #getinmahbellay

Paleo Catwon Green Papaya Salad

I also had some catfish topped with sauteed shallots, garlic and cilantro with sauteed spinach, tomatoes and enoki mushrooms.Image



It’s been one year since I rescued my bebs Hurley. He was about 3 when I rescued him on June 15th, 2013 so we celebrated his 4th birthday this past week. This is a big deal ok?! He only gets so many of these so I want to make sure he feels all the love!

Needless to say, I spoiled his fat ass rotten :)




Sausage birthday cake – he’s livin the dream.




He took a birthday shower & walked around covering his junk bc he’s shy.



I know, more pictures of Hurls than of the food. Just giving the people what they want. ;)


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