Egg Muffins & #HotDogAsTheBun


Recently I’ve been obsessed with egg muffins. I’ll make them different ways on Sundays and I’ll have grab & go breakfast or snacks for the week. It’s been really helpful! Especially on this Whole Life Challenge

My general recipe is bake for approx. 20-24 minute at 350 degrees. Wrap any kind of sugar-free meat you have laying around: bacon, turkey, prosciutto, roast beef or smoked salmon. You can place a sweet pot below if you’re feelin cahrazay. Then drop an egg into the muffin tin & sprinkle with salt & pepper. If you have pesto on hand, drop a dollop of pesto into the eggs as well. That’s my fav!

This last weekend I had sweet pots, herb turkey meat & bacon laying around so that’s what I used.

Paleo Catwon Egg Muffins

Paleo Catwon Egg Muffins

Paleo Catwon Egg Muffins


Do you know Tonja & Clare of Flame to Fork? They are a really fab duo. They always have great recipes and ideas for paleo meals. One thing they’ve done for a while is post pics on their instagram of eating #hotdogasthebun. It’s simple, easy and genius. I always have my fridge or freezer stocked with some kind of sugar-free sausage or hot dog for when I don’t feel like cooking anything fancier.

Simply slice your dog like a bun and fill it with awesome things like sauerkraut, pickles, avocado, veggies, mustard or homemade mayo. You’re gonna have a really good time in your mouth.

Paleo Catwon #HotDogAsTheBun

Paleo Catwon #HotDogAsTheBun

Paleo Catwon #HotDogAsTheBun


I overslept for work the other day. Jolted up in bed and saw this between my legs. #HeWokeUpLikeThis


He’s getting pretty used to the queen mattress life.




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