Santa Smackdown Comp & Me Like Bars!

Put your milk cartons away people, I’m not missing. To say I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the year! I would like nothing more than to be able to cook, Crossfit, eat, blog and eat all day long, every day, aaaall the times, everywhere. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time balancing work, life and the neediest, most handsome dog in the world. I am realizing that it is necessary for me to find ways to fit more of my (awesome) life into my (crazy) work schedule. #LifeofanExecutiveAss I’m working on it. Thanks for sticking with me while I try and figure it out. :)

Let’s see, what did I miss? Oh, Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy MLK Day! Happy OMG-Scandal’s-New-Season-Just-Started-Day! Ok, now that we’re all caught up… I want to share with you a post I’ve been meaning to write since Christmas.


A team from my gym competed in a local Crossfit competition in Lodi, CA – The Santa Smackdown. I didn’t compete but I went to support them and it was really great to watch them kill it and cheer them on! It’s super motivating to see my friends who are amazing athletes just give it their all round after round in different workouts. Proud of them!

Santa SmackdownSanta SmackdownSanta SmackdownSanta SmackdownSanta SmackdownSanta SmackdownSanta Smackdown

Whew! I’m exhausted and I didn’t even do anything! Just looking at all those photos makes me want to lift something heavy, like, right now. :)

My non-Crossfitting friends always ask me why I go to competitions if I’m not competing. There are several answers for that.

#1. It truly is fun and just a real good time to support the crew. In turn, I am always motivated and inspired to do better myself. Win-win.

#2. The umm…… music…… ;)


#3. Booths! Seriously now. Comps & CF events usually have booths set up with tons of Crossfit gear or clothes, fitness toys, energy drinks, supplements, protein bars/powders and Paleo-friendly food! <– Ding Ding Ding! I’ve found some of my favorite paleo snacks and goodies at these events. It’s what I look forward to the most.

ProgenexMe Like Bars


At Santa Smackdown, I took home several new paleo snacks and met a bunch of awesome people from local paleo companies. I paleo-nerded out!! One company I came across was Me Like, who makes the Ungranola bar. I saw that they carried a bacon flavored Ungranola so I had to check it out and get more deets A-to-the-SAP.

I met Kim, Me Like’s Chief Hunter & Gatherer (HOW CUTE IS THAT?!). She explained that all their ungranola bars are made with 100% whole and unprocessed, real ingredients. They are paleo-inspired, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and preservative-free. I tried Me Like’s bacon & dark flavors right away.

The Dark ungranola bar was my fave! It was a blend of almond slivers, organic walnuts & shredded coconut with dried currants & 70% cacoa dark chocolate, all sweetened with maple syrup & honey. Yum. They helped to keep us fueled for some really intense cheering ahead. Haha


Me Like barsMe Like bars

Kim was pretty frickin’ awesome and sent me a few other flavors to try, including their seasonal flavor: Winter ungranola. Their other flavors are: Apricot, Blue Cherry, Cranberry & Dark. I love them all! I can’t wait to get my hands on more. They’re the perfect little snack on the go. I’ve brought them to other competitions I’ve attended to keep my hangriness in check. #necessary

Right now, Me Like is offering a promotion to all my followers for 15% off your entire order if you enter the code, “paleocatwon” at checkout. The first thing I’m going to order are more of these Winter bars. They have pistachios in them, which are my favorite nut. They’re avail for a limited time only so ya better hurry! My code is valid up until Friday, 2/20/15.; Instagram; Twitter; Pinterest

Me Like Blue Cherry


So I hear Valentine’s Day is coming


Lots of people have been asking about this guy and he’s doing great. Hurlwon gets a little mad at me when I work late & come home late. He takes it out on my dining room chair legs and carpet. *notamusedface*

Right now he is currently begging for me to finish this blog post so that I could play a little tug-of-war with him and then go to bed. He’s impatiently waiting under the table giving me guilt-eyes.

Play with me dammit

Hurl Table


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