Coconut-Almond Butter Gummies

GOTDAMNIT Shonda Rhimes! I can’t watch one friggin episode of Grey’s Anatomy without ugly-crying. Stop it. Fun fact: I write blog posts with my DVR running in the background so you can imagine me typing out a beef stew recipe with my mascara running down my face as I cry, “NoOo Derek nOoo…”

Speaking of family… *looks around* ….I can’t think of a better transition…. sorry.

My sister, Jenn (who is definitely better than your sister bee-tee-dubs), is coming to town this weekend for Mother’s Day and my brother’s birthday. Her upcoming visit reminded me of the last time she stayed with me. She made zoodles with paleo pesto, paleo chicken soup and paleo pancakes over the span of a few days. Aaaaaaaad this is why my sister kicks your sister’s ass. I love having paleo people around! I love being fed! These two things go so well together!!

Paleo Pesto ZoodlesPaleo Pesto ZoodlesPaleo Chicken Kale SoupPaleo Pancakes


My close friend, Amy, is getting married in June and all of her bridesmaids did a photoshoot last month. The photographer was my other super talented friend, Jenny, over at Jenny Soi Photography. She takes gorgeous, romantic wedding and lifestyle photos. We had a ton of laughs during the shoot and such a fun time frolicking in the woods as all bridesmaids do at some point, right? That’s normal, right?

We felt kinda special doing a full-on photoshoot just for funsies. I did my own makeup & hair, and didn’t die.

Paleo CatwonPaleo CatwonJenny Soi PhotographyJenny Soi PhotographyJenny Soi Photography


Meme of the Day



Paleo Catwon Chunky Coconut Gummies

Last month I made Mint Chocolate Gummies and I loved them! It was the first time I tried using grass-fed gelatin and since then I started experimenting with gummy flavors and combos.

WHAT IS GELATIN?: a protein derived from collagen, extracted from animal skin, bones and connective tissues

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?: supports stronger bones, skin & hair; promotes nail growth; improves digestion; supports a healthy gut. Those are just to name a few. I’m no expert in anything so learn more about the health benefits of gelatin here: Chris Kresser – Gelatin.


  • 1 approx. 14 oz can full fat coconut milk (try to find BPA-free & as few additives as possible – I used this brand)
  • 4 tbsp grass-fed gelatin (I used Great Lakes brand)
  • 3 gigantic pregnant tbsp coconut butter (<–BUTTER, not OIL)
  • 2 gigantic pregnant tbsp almond butter
  • toasted coconut flakes
  • raw cacao nibs


  • Warm coconut milk in medium sauce pan on stove
  • Mix in coconut butter, stir until melted & combined
  • Mix in almond butter, stir until melted & combined well
  • On medium low heat, sprinkle & whisk in gelatin 1 tbsp at a time – mix well (sprinkling the gelatin is important so that you don’t get clumps)
  • Remove from heat
  • Pour mixture into gelatin molds (I used this mold: Wilton Silicone Brownie Squares Baking Mold)
  • Add coconut flakes and or cacao nibs on top of the gelatin
  • Set mold on baking sheet or or flat surface for easy transport & refrigerate for 2 hours

Paleo Catwon Chunky Coconut GummiesPaleo Catwon Chunky Coconut GummiesPaleo Catwon Chunky Coconut GummiesPaleo Catwon Chunky Coconut Gummies I really liked this recipe. I made a few gummies without coconut flakes or cacao nibs and the plain ones were good as well.


The weather is getting nicer and Hurls is stepping out of his castle from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Coconut-Almond Butter Gummies

  1. Stunning…beautiful as always! 😍

    Your past blog about the gummies sounded so good…but I never got around to it. This time I WILL! And I’ll grab a friend who I think will like these. Where did you find grassfed gelatin?

    What obstacles if any, did you overcome when you first gave this a whirl?

    • Hey Justin! I linked where I bought the gelatin from on Amazon above. Hope that helps. The main obstacle for this recipe is that the gelatin can clump VERY EASILY if you sprinkle too much at a time into the liquid. You really need to scarcely sprinkle the gelatin in and not dump a tbsp in at a time then you need to mix it in well right away, pretty much constantly. Otherwise, it’s SUPER fast and easy!

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