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I’m Cat – a 20-something year old Paleo-obsessed, Crossfit noob turned accidental Instagram superstar. At least that’s what I like to call myself. I’d like to think of myself as one of the OG food photographers before taking pictures of your dinner on your iPhone was cool. I actually started doing it 10 years ago with a Kodak point & shoot that weighed 7 lbs, uploaded them to my computer and showed them off to my friends (because I was just THAT cool). “Look! I cooked ramen and made it look fancy!” Nowadays, I’m still THAT cool, but I’ve upgraded to a nicely portable iPhone camera and my meals have gone from 90% carbs to mostly Paleo.


  • My ORIGINAL goal in life was to become a YOUTUBE superstar. That is still the backup plan.
  • My meme game strong – I will take on challengers anytime.
  • Channing Tatum is my baby daddy.
  • My nickname in grade school was Fat Cat, I know, kids are mean :/
  • I love avocados. Like, a lot. A lot a lot.
  • I don’t measure things when I cook. (Good luck with my recipes)
  • #ilovehashtags
  • #ireallyreallylovelonghashtagsanditwillprobablyannoyyoubecauseit’shardtoread
  • My favorite “cheat” is donuts. I’m obsessed with donuts. No, you don’t understand. I want to dive head first with my mouth open into a fountain of old fashioned chocolates.
  • I hate cats. Ironic, I know riiiight? Your mind = blown.


I was CLUELESS about nutrition and fitness. I didn’t try, nor did I care about either. (I sure cared about cake though, naw’msayin?!)


In 2008, I decided to start working out and eating what was commercially known as “healthy,” you know – whole wheat bread/pasta, fiber one cereal, low-carb & high fiber cereal bars & fat-free errrthang. It made a difference. I weighed myself at LEAST 2x a day & tracked it religiously. I dropped weight & became the biggest cardio queen you’ve ever seen. I would do the elliptical or treadmill multiple times a day until I burned 500 to sometimes 1200 calories. I paired that with counting every calorie that even THOUGHT about coming near me. I needed a negative intake every day. That was the plan. My progress eventually plateaued.

Then I went through years of non-stop rollercoaster dieting. My head was in a bad place. It didn’t help that all my girlfriends (#skinnyassbetches) were/are all super tiny little things (love you girls, totes kidding about the betches thing…). It got to the point where I would just not eat because that made me skinnier faster. Well it worked! At my heaviest I was 160 and I got down to 114 at one point. I’m not going to lie. I loved that shit. My clothes fit AHmazingly. I used belts on the tightest hole. None of my pants fit anymore so I just wore leggings everyday. My fucking shoes even fit better!

Skinny Fat

Great right?! Yeah, well except for the fact that I had absolutely no energy or strength. I remember one day vividly at the end of a “cleanse” I was on. I hadn’t eaten anything for about 10 days. Literally, starving myself. I walked up one flight of stairs to take the garbage out and when I got to my bedroom I had to sit down to catch my breath. I was about to faint. Not to mention I was freezing all the time. Not just cold, FREEZING. Shaking, trembling, I’m talking wearing 2 pants to sleep and a peacoat in the office at all times kinda cold. I had lost all the muscle I gained from working out and completely screwed up my digestive system. After I started eating again, my body wouldn’t let go of any food it finally got it’s skinny-fat hands on. I screwed myself and I kinda knew what I was doing but I didn’t care.


At some point in 2011, I started dabbling in a bit of Paleo.  I could eat BACON and FAT and become HEALTHIER? WELL SHUT YOUR FACE AND SLAP YOUR MOM. I looked into it a lot more. I wasn’t strict at all but started to learn the basics. Then I started to read more and more about it, nutrition in general and how the body works and how specific foods affect the body. Slowly my mentality changed and I wanted to be and look stronger instead of just skinny.   Because Paleo & Crossfit cross paths so often, I decided to give CF a try too in 2012. I gained some weight back but you can bet your ass a shit ton is from muscle mass! *flexes* <– I do this  a lot now.

Paleo has been the ONLY thing that has worked and stuck for me. So freakin cliche, but it’s a lifestyle change and not just a diet. It’s about being healthy not about being skinny. It’s about repairing your insides and learning how your body performs optimally. Pairing that with Crossfit and meeting, seeing and working out with strong and fit women who flippin kick ass and couldn’t give two fucks what they look like while doing it – has inspired me to stay on a healthy path.

Some people ask me how I diet all the time because it must be so depriving. Honestly, I eat A LOT. A lot, a lot. And I eat well. (See my Instagram) My meals don’t consist of a few raw carrot sticks and dry boring chicken breasts. I’ve learned to get creative in the kitchen and I’ve never eaten more or better in my entire life. Years and years of dry, boring salads with dressing on the side, counting calories and worrying about what number appeared on my scale (btw, I never weigh myself anymore) were such a waste of my life and a thing of my past. Do I miss donuts? YES. Do I want to make out with an old fashioned chocolate? Duh. Do I want to have its babies? No, what are you a perv?! But I’ll save those cheat meals for when I think the consequences are worth it.

I’m not where I want to be yet & there are still lingering eating habits I am working on controlling (binge eating sweets in particular) but I am happy with the GRADUAL progress I’ve made so far and know I can make more the healthy way.



Paleo Catwon Handstand Maui


P.S. I lied. I DO want to have an old fashioned chocolate’s babies….


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    • Hahaha you know I love you too <3 Well, technically I was only a skinny bitch for a month or so. I couldn't keep it up because.. well I'd be dead if I kept not eating. But even after I started eating, I would randomly stop eating for days, but it didn't make me skinny. Id have a flat stomach for a few days but then after I ate, I'd look pregnant for a week. So.. yeah.. had to change something. :)

  1. So glad to know you and be so inspired by you! Here comes Whole30 July for me! Thank you for sharing your story and being an awesome friend!

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