I talk weird. I use weird words. I’m lazy, so I combine words & am able to type less. You’re not going to understand me half of the time so I’ll be nice and give you a cheat sheet for catwon-ese. Some are pretty obvi. Some you’re going to hate me for. And most you’re going to wish you came up with first.

AVO: avocado

BRUSSIES: brussels sprouts

BUTT-NUT: butternut squash

CABBOODLES: cabbage noodles

CHIGHS: chicken thighs

CHITTIES: chicken titties (sometimes “chittaaaays”)

CUKES: cucumber

FAWESOME: fucking awesome

HORNGRY: horny for food (Example: “ERRMEHGERD that box of 3 dozen donuts is making me so horngry!”)

LAVA: love, like really love

MUFFS: muffins

MUSHIES: mushrooms

NANNERS: bananas

PASGHETTI: paleo spaghetti squash noodles

PORTMUSHIES: portobello mushrooms

RECYCLOOKING: recycle-cooking food in another dish’s juices

SIRI: seriously

SQUOODLES: squash noodles

SWEET POTS: sweet potatoes

WEGGS: wet eggs

YUMTS: yummy eats (by NourishedApp)


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