#YOUR Dishes

Showing off some of the dishes that my fawesome followers have made!


4 thoughts on “#YOUR Dishes

  1. you should post about a wallet friendly paleo grocery list please!! i’m a college student wanting to avoid the freshman fifty.

    • I definitely am planning to do a post about wallet-friendly paleo items! I have things I always get at Trader Joe’s, Costco or my Farmer’s market that are cheaper. I only order a few items online that I can’t find in stores in my area. But thanks for the push! I’ll get on it soon!!

  2. made your spaghetti squash and it was amaze ballz!! no more pasta for me =) looking to make a yummy gluten free pizza. any ideas???!!

    • AWESOME!!! Did you take a picture of it?! If so, I’d love to post it on this page and get it started. Obviously, I’ve been lagging.. haha I haven’t done a Paleo pizza yet but now I want to. I’ve seen a ton of recipes that I want to try. Some are meatza’s where the “bread” is just a flat block of meat. Some are cauliflower+cheese and I’ve seen some egg ones. I’ll play with it and def post it if it’s a success!

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